Sunday, June 10, 2012


WORD: Editing ,Straight Up
I don't know why; I just love this. I figure it will attract people with senses of humor.
Karl Schmidt-Rotluff, Woman with Bag, 1915
You may have noticed some format changes to the trusty Shirt of Flame as of late. "Retina-shredding" was the way one FAITHFUL reader described my color scheme, but as I've mentioned, I'm on some kind of green-means-hope kick and until it abates...bear with me.

Partly the change was inspired by the fact that I've built a whole new "website" for my editing business. Because yes, folks, I'm in "business!" My--let me say it one more time--BUSINESS (that's in addition, of course, to my writing business), is called WORD: Editing, Straight Up. Check it out,  and I've put a page tab to it up top as well.

I've had BUSINESS cards made, I'm looking into opening a separate BUSINESS account, I'm using google adwords (now that, for me, is truly being willing to go to any lengths), and now I'm going to simply sit back and watch the work flow in.

Seriously, I've been offering my editing services for awhile--but somewhat hidden away, on the "Mentor" page of my website. In a way, that protects me from rejection. It sends the message MY writing is the important thing and btw, on the off chance you might need some help, I'm willing to make some money on the side. But intention is everything. The orientation of our hearts is everything.

So I'm now thinking of editing in a whole new light: as a way of bringing beauty into the world through story, of allowing myself to be affected and changed by my encounter with the other, of opening to the unexpected fringe benefits, surprise endings, and a community that otherwise might not have come into being.

To that end, allow me to introduce one of the women I mentored last year, Martha Thompson. After working long and hard, Martha self-published a memoir about her struggle with anorexia called The Oxygen Mask Rule that just received a 2012 New York Book Festival - Honorable Mention winner in the Biography/Autobiography category and is a Finalist in the Women's Issues category of the 2012 International Book Awards. I mean how great is that? She has been a wonderful example to me, as a writer and as a human being. So I rejoice for her, and for her ongoing struggles/triumphs/story, and check out her book!

This all turns out to be beautifully tied in with the direction I envision Shirt of Flame taking, which I'll address in my next post.

But for now I'm thinking to consecrate my endeavor to the world and to you all, who have supported, inspired and encouraged me, and to beg your blessing. Because, really, who else would I ask, or rather, who better to ask?

I truly enjoy helping people to discover and express their stories, and I also feel like I'm also good at it. So if you're thinking of writing a manuscript or a play or a memoir or a novel, or know someone who is, or need a general editor, ghost-writer, writing mentor, or any combination or variation thereof, please do keep me in my mind.



  1. Your new BUSINESS sounds exciting and productive! As for the color scheme, the green is basically fine, but the purple is pretty dissonant.

  2. This is great news, Heather. You express the gist, the vision, of your new business so well. You show the deeper meaning of editing! Yes, you will be adding to beauty to the world (you already do) and acting as a "midwife" to ideas. I love the way you envisage your work, as being so integrally entwined with who you are, and your own growth. That is a wonderful way to view the work we do.

    Well, I support you in it all, and will add my prayers to this endeavour. May it go from strength to strength. I have a feeling it will, and that this is the start of a new and exciting chapter! Bless you.

  3. I admire your courage, passion and boundless energy, Heather. You have my blessing. May your new venture be a great success.

  4. I love the painting of "The Woman with a Bag" as the Logo for your new venture. But I think you should rename it: Woman with a Headache!!

  5. Like the new color scheme a lot. Also think you will be a great editor/mentor. Hope the work comes flooding in. Will pray for you.

  6. Terrific Heather. You are growing and you are courageous.

  7. And you gave Kathryn Kuhlman such prominence in the sidebar! I love it.


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