Wednesday, June 20, 2012


wasp nest II
photo: Katie Barnes
Oh wow, people. I’ve been busy. Can I just say, e.g., that I had an interview Monday for the position of Story Editor on a reality show called “Crash Course?” I loved the idea of breaking into TV at the age of, not like most people, 19, but rather 59 11/12. Though we did kind of agree all around that I am probably not up for 50-hour weeks and learning (and they are probably not up to teaching, they were too polite to say) a completely new skill at this stage of the game. Seeing their offices and getting just a glimpse of how the thing works was a blast, though, and I was/am supremely grateful.

Other exciting events: I am going to house-sit at the manse of my beloved friends Julia Mary Gibson (author of the upcoming YA (technically "middle grade") novel, The Copper Hand (Tor Books, 2013) and Aaron Lipstadt (TV director extraordinaire, including most recently a 7-year run on “Medium”) for the month of July.

Here, instead of at my own place as planned, I will hold my 60TH BIRTHDAY PARTY POTLUCK. The theme—for my party, decade, podcast, web series, documentary film, and foreseeable life—is: “Seekers. Mystery. Art. Smarts. Laughs.” Btw, I am so not adding “Don’t Bring Presents” to the invite. Hell, no. Bring as many as you want!

I had a nice chat Tuesday noon-1 ET with Sr. Marie Pappas of “Pathways to Learning” on Sirius Radio. Sister Marie really knew her stuff, about me and St. Therese of Lisieux. She was smart, well-prepared, funny and kind, though I could tell she was not crazy about the title of my book, Shirt of Flame. “Strange,” she kept calling it. All I can say is: The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Thank you, Sister Marie!

I’m realizing that my plan to run an interview with some fab creative person per week may be a bit ambitious. Nonetheless, I’m going to continue on as I can. Dayna, the bee-keeper, has agreed to talk to me in early July and I’ll go from there. In the meantime, summer, Wimbledon, and lazy (comparatively) days are coming on. So look for lots of recommendations in the coming weeks re my favorite summer reads. My mind can’t help turning to my beloved New Hampshire coast at this time of year, so many of them will probably have a New England connection.

My google Adwords campaign to date has not borne any fruit, BUT I got three good editing-manuscript jobs anyway—two from friends of friends, and another as an offshoot of a speaking gig I just landed in—I forgot to say I’m going to Natchez, Mississippi, September 8th! Yup, I’m going to speak at a convention sponsored by Natchez mover-shaker/arts booster/Catholic evangelizer Hedy Boelte. Check out the Monmouth Plantation where I'll be staying (whirlwind visit, but still).

“Polish over here, it’ll shine over there” is an adage I’ve been hearing a lot lately, and darned if it doesn’t seem to be true.



A wasp rises to its papery
nest under the eaves
where it daubs

at the gray shape,
but seems unable
to enter its own house.

--Jane Kenyon

wasp nest I
photo: Katie Barnes


  1. Dear Heather,

    this is all such wonderful news. I'd say God bless but it appears he has already. :)

    59 not 19 - yeah, sounds groovy to me.

    What I happy about for you in all of this is that you are being enabled to flow in your creativity which usually begets more of the same.

  2. I loved this post! Except for the wasp nest, they scare the heck out of me, but that's okay. I'm glad you're getting editing work. IMHO you seem to be writing a lot ... maybe I missed something. Interested in your summer reading recommendations. I read Amagansett by Mark Mills, set on Long Island, which might count as New England.

  3. You go Heather. Maybe you could get an interview with Mary Karr? She's fantastic. She was giving a talk at a church and I walked up to her and said: "Mary Karr you're the best thing that happened to me today." And we sat and talked like girlfriends.
    Turns out we were both born the same year:)

    You're busy-good. Good busy. Love the news. The poem from Jane Kenyon is quite good. She and Donald Hall were together a long time.

  4. :) May God continue to pour His blessings out on you and through you!

  5. I am taking my daughters to Hampton Beach tomorrow, Heather. I'll be thinking of you!

  6. Happy Almost Birthday, Heather. I love that "Polish over here.." quote. You just generally rock!

  7. yeah, people! Thank you so much. And Barbara, how lovely that Mary Karr was so kind to you...


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