Wednesday, May 30, 2012



photo: Kathy Wikman
I'm a poor and reluctant e-mail correspondent, as some of you know (partly because I would not be able to maintain the blog otherwise), but I often receive beautiful e-mails from others. Here's one that arrived the other day, from reader Kathy Wikman:

Hi Heather, Just thought I would share with you this photo, even though I'm sure you have been there yourself. Perhaps of greater interest, you were my inspiration for getting there in the first place...

For a lifetime I have struggled with a certain timidity of spirit which has produced (among lots of other things like -- a reluctance to speak out and risk offending anyone) a very real fear of going by myself someplace I have never been before. So when my employer (the V.A.) insisted that I attend an intensive clinical training last week in San Diego, I went with no small degree of trepidation. Prior to my departure, I did some "googling" for points of interest since I had never been there before. I was thrilled to find that the Mission San Diego de Alcala is located there and thought, "Maybe I can go there....."  Of course, there were lots of reasons to make it an "impossible" endeavor -- no car, don't know how to find it, training doesn't end until 4:30 each day, and ... no one to go with me.

Then I thought about all your journeys to various places "adventuring" all by yourself. That was the extra "push" I needed. I hired a cab, made arrangements to leave 10" early from training, and made it to Mass in that marvelous old building on Thursday at 5:30. I wish I had words to describe the feeling of peace that blessed me the minute I knelt in the pew.

Thank you Heather. Look at the seeds you sowed. I just wanted to share with you a bit of the harvest.


  1. What can one say but, Amen, and beautiful photo.

  2. That was a great post. Yes, Heather, I agree with Kathy that you are waaaaaaay ahead of curve as far as most of us women are concerned. What I mean is, that you just seem TO DO IT, and not analyse, de-construct, over-think to the point of absurdity, or rationalize that such things are for "others" who are better, smarter, braver, etc., etc.
    Thanks for your blog,and God bless you.

  3. Thanks Heather. You have the ability to get up and go.
    I stand still-most of the time.
    Perhaps someday I will have the guts to get up and go.

  4. Hi Heather and All: Both fear and trepidation are oh SO real. They take over our thoughts and thus our actions,one of the most effective tricks of the enemy! Every time we defeat these feelings we open a window to grow our spirit. JPII's first words of his pontificate were ;"Be not afraid!" All of us on the (spiritual) journey should be aware that anything else is a ruse and meant to keep us standing still. So kudos to the adventurers even when it's're doing more to soothe your soul than you might know! Kathryn Cunningham Chicago, Ill.

  5. The words of Kathryn Cunningham ring true with me. Fear is the greatest weapon of our enemies. We have faith in Jesus and His mission to/for us but fear of unacceptance by those who do not believe, the affluent trend makers whose life styles mock those of faith makes us timid. We crave to be cool!

    The message to us from them is-- you are a fool, science is explaining all that used to be taken by faith. The church is corrupt and run by simple and weak men. There is no hereafter, live for yourself and live in the moment. Deep down the nagging question is--what if they are right. We equate their success with superior knowledge or intellect.

    We must always come back to the man who wasn't cool. the man who was mocked and humiliated. The man Jesus who said the words " I and the Father are one". Christians choose to follow this man who is one with the Father.

    We must choose Jesus every day we rise from our sleep. Nothing else makes sense!


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