Sunday, April 8, 2012



Recent e-mail from my brother Joe of The Queers fame (hit tunees include "Born to Do Dishes," "Next Stop Rehab" and "Punk Rock Girls"):

Hey Heath how are you? Where are you? LA or Palm Springs or what? I'm in the UK finishing up a Euro tour. Did 2 weeks in Italy-4 shows in Norway and now 10 in the UK. We fly to Milan a week from tomorrow for our very last festival show of the tour. Home a week from Sunday thank God. We haven't stopped all winter.

Weather's good here-actually a record today they're expecting. Around 70 which is something else for this fogbound hellhole of a country. Something about the black mold growing on the outside of buildings here just depresses the hell out of me.

Anyway just wanted to check in. I'll give you a shout when I'm home or try me. Oh we're doing an LA show with Screeching Weasel in LA in mid-July-around the 18th I believe-or a few days earlier. You gotta come check that out. You won't believe how big those guys are. It'll be unreal. Hell you could come onstage with us and sing. We'll have you start This Place Sucks-more a showcase for how loud you can yell as opposed to singing but we all have to start somewhere. I think you'd do a kickass job.

Ok hope all is well and I'll talk at ya later gator-

Check out this band, they're pretty good.

As I told him, something to look forward to for my 60th birthday (July 19th). Maybe I could lead the youngsters in a decade of the rosary while I'm up there. Never a dull moment with the King Family!

 The Prodigal Son

Two Gallants-the prodigal son by SaddleCreekRecords

Steady Rollin'

two gallants-steady rollin' by SaddleCreekRecords

Amazon Editorial Review of Two Gallants' What the Toll Tells:
"On their second full-length, Two Gallants weave urgent back-alley storytelling with no-frills instrumentation that alternately boils with visceral fervor and mourns with plaintive restraint. The youthful duo play a strain of rock that falls somewhere between folk, punk, and old-time blues and the resulting sound is much more than the sum of its parts. Two Gallants draw on Old West images and themes of revenge, redemption, and shifty morality to create wide-swinging moods trafficking in brash ferocity, repentant regret, and freewheelin' Americana. The double LP version includes two bonus tracks from the band's early recordings."

Two Gallants on myspace.


  1. I haven't yet listened to the clips you've provided of the Two Gallants, but I have gone onto YouTube and found some music by The Queers! I detect some kinship, if I'm not mistaken, with bands like the Buzzcocks. I like their spirit -- and their song titles! I wonder if the Queers would ever consider (or maybe they've done so?) doing a cover of a really old song, like "You're the Top" or "I'll Be Seeing You"! Speeded up, of course, and at mammoth amplification! That might be fun to listen to! (The late Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols once did a cover of "My Way"!)

    When I'm a bit more widely awake, I shall listen to the Two Gallants.

    Oh, yes, and Black Mold would make a great name for a band!

    Bless all members of the King Family! (And yes, Heather, join the band on stage!)

  2. Here in the Land of In-between where we Canadians know not whether to call it mold or mould we coloUr it gray upon grey for we are forever the little brother born of two gallants.

  3. A few years ago, I discovered the Queers through YouTube. I was searching for the Dead Milkmen's "Punk Rock Girl," singular -- a polka, of all things, and a guilty pleasure -- and found "Punk Rock Girls," plural, along with it. Your brother's group has been a favorite ever since. Happy birthday. Wouldn't have guessed you were 60. We miss you at Patheos, or at any rate, I do.

  4. Thanks, guys--I am not quite 60 YET (three more months) but that would make quite a kickoff, right? Max, I love that you came across my brother's band while trolling youtube. I know, I kinda miss the community feeling of patheos--hope y'all are thriving over there. Black Mold WOULD be a great name for a band...


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