Sunday, November 13, 2011


Dear Ms. King,
My name is Ian Higgins and I am writing to you because, along with my brother Dominic, I am currently making a movie on the life of Christian convert, peace activist and survivor of the Nagasaki atomic bombing, Dr. Takashi Nagai – a man who may soon be made a saint, but we need the help and support of Catholic communities around the world.
Any mention on a blog site such as yours would be a really great way to spread the word and generate the support that we badly need.
All That Remains is a remarkable true story of the power of faith which will utilize state of the art special effects, live-action dramatic reconstructions and computer generated animation, alongside candid and intimate interviews with friends and family of Dr. Nagai, as well as other survivors of the atomic bombing, in order to take our audience on a personal journey alongside Dr. Nagai, as he embarks on his life changing quest for “the ultimate truth”.
We have some amazing people on board, helping us to tell his story, including the University of Nagasaki, his grace Archbishop Joseph Mitsuaki Takami and Fr. Paul Glynn, author of the acclaimed biography on Dr. Nagai, “A Song for Nagasaki”.

But we are also offering the opportunity for other Christians to get involved and help us make this film, t
he people who understand the power of faith, the people who want films that hold meaning for them.  
For more info and ways to help please visit our indiegogo page:
The countdown as already begun on our campaign, so any help you could offer would be gratefully appreciated!
A more in-depth synopsis of the movie is available on request.
Our Facebook page:
In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my email.
Yours sincerely,
 Ian Higgins
Major Oak Entertainment Ltd


  1. Heather, Thanks for sharing this. I'm very excited about the idea of a film based on the story of Takashi Nagai. Last year I read both Paul Glynn's biography and Nagai's memoir, The Bells of Nagasaki and I am very intrigued by his life. I wish more of Nagai's writings were translated into English.

    Also, did you visit their webpage and see the trailer for their short animated film on the Japanese martyrs? Beautiful!

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I am coming up on one year as a Catholic (convert from Methodist/Evangelical). Since Japan has been my home for 17+ years, and my husband grew up not too far from Nagasaki, this book really impacted me when I read it along my journey to Rome.


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