Monday, October 17, 2011


Here's some happy news: Fr. Robert Barron has invited me to come to Chicago on November 14 and speak at a "Day of Recollection" for the Word on Fire Ministries staff!

The incredibly smart, well-travelled, and deep man-of-faith Fr. Barron; Fr. Steve Grunow, his assistant and my loyal FB friend; and Rozann Carter, who makes the whole operation run smoothly, have been huge supporters of my work. Naturally I am honored to the ground and can hardly wait to regale these erudite folk (in addition to English, Fr. Barron is fluent in French, Spanish, German and Latin) with tales of my checkered past and undying love for Christ and Church. Plus I get to stay at the by the looks of it splendid Mundelein Seminary aka the University of St. Mary of the Lake, at which Fr. Barron is a professor.

In the meantime, check out Fr. Barron's wonderful new book Catholicism (includes photos of Cologne Cathedral, the young Karl Wojtlya, Botticelli's "The Madonna of the Pomegranate" and more!) which I have been savoring and will post about as soon as I've finished and digested.

Also, fyi, tomorrow, October 18, 2011, I'll be on the Ave Maria Radio show "Kresta in the Afternoon," from 4:20-4:50 EST.



  1. Congratulations, Heather! That is very cool! :)

  2. Congratulations Heather- that's brilliant news- hope it goes well for you.

  3. What great news! I've long admired your articles at the Word on Fire blog--you'll be perfect for their Day of Recollection.

    PS. I just finished "Shirt of Flame" and was moved, challenged, stunned, and reinvigorated. I'm posting a review within the next week or so.

  4. Love listening to Father Barron, and I often catch Al Kresta's show too, so I'll be listening extra intently tomorrow. Good for you, Heather. You deserve these good things that are coming your way. Enjoy!

  5. Seven of my siblings (of ten still living)
    (of twelve originally) went to the Holy Land last year.

    This year, I relived the trip, moment-by-moment as I watched Robert Barron on tour in the Holy Land on PBS.
    His trip is awesome, biblically correct, joins the spots that count and omits the tourist traps. Along the way, you find yourself closer to God as you watch and listen to his words.....(I am deaf and "listen" via Closed Caption).

    I enjoy praying for children, and for priests.
    His name is on my prayer list as soon as I saw this PBS tour in the Holy Land recently.

    You can tour too.
    Here is his link:

    When you meet in person, tell him he is well prayed for and often. I would be grateful if he knew from you, Heather.

    God bless you abundantly on your journey.

  6. Yes, abundant congratulations on the Chicago trip! (I know nothing about Chicago, except that one of my best friends, the other Heather, went to college there, and that the blueberry pancakes in the train depot were simply scrumptious 23 years ago when I was passing through.)

  7. Thank you, everybody--will give Fr. Barron your greetings and tell of your prayers...

  8. Yay! Chicago is awesome, Fr. Barron is awesome....what exciting news! Congrats!

  9. That's very nice. Looks lovely.
    Waiting patiently for the library to get your book.
    Wish I had the extra money to buy it. Maybe in paperback?

    I just read this article in the NY TIMES and wondered what you thought about it.

  10. Hi Barbara--it's in paperback already...I don't know what to think re the NY Times article except that I'm sure everybody was doing what they felt was right and may she rest in peace...thanks so much as always for the support...

  11. Hi Heather - I live minutes from the Seminary and am blessed to be able to participate in a Chicago archdiocesan lay ministry formation program that meets there weekly.

    The seminary is a beautiful, sacred place. I feel the Lord's presence every time I look around the gorgeous grounds. His works are amazing! I love to go there, contemplate and take photos. Puts me in a happy place!

    Congrats and enjoy. Keep up the great writing!

  12. Hi there, onfire, how lovely for you to live so near the seminary and be part of the lay ministry formation! I'm entranced by the photos and only wish I could spend a week or so wandering the grounds...very, very honored to have been invited, of course. God does move in mysterious ways his wonders to perform--cause when I was sitting on a barstool all those years I would never have believed I'd find myself one day in Mundelein, Illinois...

    Thanks for the support and all the best in your own work...


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