Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Seems time for a little levity, and as if on cue, a correspondent has turned me on to Kathryn Kuhlman (1907-1976), a Methodist faith healer, evangelist and born-again Christian who had a weekly program in the 1960's and 1970's that I sorely regret having missed.

I mean check this out:

How can you not love someone who was married (briefly) to a man named  Burroughs A. Waltrip of Dallas, and who was sued by her personal administrator for purportedly stashing away a million bucks in jewelry and another million in fine art? What's really funny, as I told my friend, is that I actually agree with everything she says.

Anyway, I have a little miracle of my own to report, which is that next Wednesday--which happens to be  Ash Wednesday--I will "debut" with a weekly column in the Catholic portal of the apparently much-watched and widely read ("Balanced Views of Religion and Spirituality").

The column will be called "A Book of Sparks" (I'm obviously extremely drawn to fire), which I got from the preface to The Praktikos and Chapters on Prayer from Christian monk and ascetic Evagrius Ponticus: "Throughout the Middle Ages [the writings of Evagrius] spread through Europe from monastery to monastery in Italy, France, Austria, Spain. An eighteenth-century monk of Ligugé inserted certain extracts from his writings into a sort of digest which he entitled Liber Scintillarum, A Book of Sparks, which was widely diffused. A Cistercian of Clairvaux in the twelfth century did much the same."

And now a laywoman convert in 21st-century Los Angeles is going to do the same again. Here's the description. I'll be able to post the opening paragraph or two here and then link to the full piece. I'll be joining a roster of many other fine writers and thinkers. My editor will be the insanely hard-working, smart, and well-connected columnist, writer, and blogger Elizabeth Scalia, aka The Anchoress.

I'm deeply grateful for the honor and opportunity. And let's hope those folks over at patheos have a sense of humor!


  1. Congratulations, Heather! What a wonderful and well-deserved opportunity.

  2. Awesome! Congratulations, Heather!

  3. Oh, and thank you for the blast from the past. My sister and I were rather fond of watching Kathryn Kuhlman (for all the wrong reasons, of course) back in the day. And I am shocked while watching with hindsight with all that I, as you also said, agree with. I still think she smiled too much. We never trusted anyone who smiled too much!

  4. I love the way she sort of lifts a single finger every so often, for emphasis...and yes, anyone who smiles THAT much, something's gotta be brothers and sisters and I would have had a field day had we been on to KK!!

  5. Liber Scintillarum! Yes! Viva HK! Viva Patheos!

  6. Ah awesome!! NYT is next up.

  7. For they loved the glory of men more than the glory of God.
    John 12:43


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