Friday, March 25, 2011


Good Lord God a-mighty, I am WIPED OUT. That trip to Anaheim, followed by the receipt, at long last of the galleys for my St. Thérèse book, over which I have been poring all week with a fine-toothed comb and have still not finished, combined with two deadlines, a dental appointment, many social engagements, and the usual snafus, errands, unexpected obstacles, small joys, too much coffee, not enough sleep, and dogged attempts to take long hearty walks in the driving rain have thrown my schedule all to hell.

So I thought I'd offer just two of the many gifts that have fallen into my lap(top) this week.

1. Rita A. Simmonds reports from Brooklyn with a Mother Teresa story:

One day, Mother Teresa was asking a baker for some bread to feed the hungry children in her orphanage. The baker was furious with her request, not only did he turn her down, he spat at her. In response to his outrageous actions, Mother Teresa calmly reached deep into her pocket, took out her handkerchief, wiped the spat off and said "That was for me, now what about some bread for my poor children." The baker was touched by Mother Teresa's love and greatness, complied and thereafter provided bread for the children in the orphanage. (story courtesy of Learning Made Simple)

2. Andrew Mass, a member of the editorial team at Magnificat, contributes "Six Insights from the Life of Dorothy Day," a lecture by Archbishop Dolan of NYC, given at St. Joseph's Church in Greenwich Village:

Have a great weekend, folks!


  1. That's incredible, about Mother Teresa. I'd have wanted to throw a brick at the guy or something!

    And thanks for Archbishop Dolan on Dorothy Day. Archbishop Dolan could talk about golf or marine biology or his stamp collection and I'd be tempted to watch!

    Hope all goes well with the book!

  2. Dolan ,like his two immediate predecessors , says all the right things about Dorothy Day.Then does nothing. He is too busy removing gay people from his congregations to notice...Btw, Dorothy was surrounded by gay men at the CW.Homosexuals, drunks, mentally ill. My kind of company...Just food for thought


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